We’ve provided some of the more common questions from our customers here, but feel free to contact us at any time!

Q. We reside outside of the United States. Can we use your service?
A. Yes, but keep in mind that when mail is packaged up and sent from our location, it will cost more in postage and take longer to get to you, when it travels outside of the US.  No packages will be sent though due to the high international shipping fees.  Only metered mail.


Q. Can I use your service to register my vehicles in Oregon and avoid my state’s sales taxes and high registration fees?
A. The only way you can legally register motor vehicles in Oregon is to establish Oregon residency. I encourage you to visit the Oregon Driver’s and Motor Vehicles Web Site. They can help you determine how to qualify for Oregon residency.

Q. We travel full-time. How does your service work?
A. As a full time traveler, you would simply have your mail delivered here, and as you find a wide spot in the road that you like the looks of, call us, and we will forward your mail to you….for a week, for a month, for a year, or even for one time only!


Q. Will we have a street address?
A. Yes, you will have both a Post Office Box number, as well as a street address.


Q. Can I receive UPS delivery through you?
A. Most certainly, all of our clients receive an Oregon street address that can be used for UPS, FedEx, or any other legitimate need. We are happy to receive small to medium sized packages through common carriers.


Q. My mother-in-law travels with us. Will she need her own account with you?
A. Not at all. Her mail can be included with your yours, at NO extra cost.

Q. Do you charge me each time I change my address?
A. No. You can change your address as often as you wish, using our toll-free number, at no cost to you. We even pay for the call!


Q. What is the initial $25.00 postage fund for?
A. Each time that we forward your mail, we will deduct the actual cost of the postage from your postage fund. We do not set a minimum on this fund, because some folks receive a lot more mail than others. We do, however, ask that you keep this fund positive!


Q. How do I know how much is left in my postage fund?
A. Each time that we forward your mail to you, the address label will show you just how much is in your fund. We do ask that you keep an eye on it, and keep it positive!


Q. I noticed that my postage fund is awfully low, and I forgot to send you a check! What now?
A. Although we do ask that you keep a close eye on your postage fund, we will not hold your mail if it falls a bit below zero!


Q. We called last week to change our address, but were unable to make it to our destination! What do we do now?
A. If your mail was sent “General Delivery”, the Post Office will generally hold it for 6 weeks. If you still plan to make your destination, your mail will be waiting for you! If your plans have changed, you can go to the closest Post Office, and see if they will notify the Post Master in your intended destination. The U.S. Post Office is normally great about helping to get your mail forwarded. If all else fails, your mail will be returned to us, and we will send it on to you as soon as we receive it.


Q. I’m expecting registered mail! Can you receive it for us?
A. Certainly. We are happy to sign for, and receive, registered and certified mail for our clients.


Q. Can we change our address via e-mail?
A. Certainly! Our e-mail address is schmidt@mailforwardingservices.com .


Q. We just travel in the summer months. Will your service work for us?
A. We have a three month rate (that can be extended monthly) that will be just the ticket for you. When you plan to start your travels, go to your local postmaster, and put in a temporary change of address here (normally, your local post office will do this for up to six months!) When you finish traveling for the summer, simply have your postmaster stop the forwarding.
Q. How long have you been in business?
A. Mail Forwarding Services has been meeting travelers’ needs since 1988.


Q. Can we register to vote in Oregon?
A. Oregon has a “voter motor” law. You can register to vote at any DMV office, or by mail.


Q. Our grand kids will be traveling with us for a while. Can they receive mail through you?
A. Just give us a call, we will add them to your service. There is no charge for this.


Q. My spouse and I have different last names. Is this a problem?
A. Not at all. We will establish an account in both names, at no extra cost.


Q. We know what town we are going to be in next week, but do not have an address. What should we do?
A. Just call, and request “General Delivery”. Your mail can be waiting for you when you arrive!


Q. We called two weeks ago with a new address. We received our mail fine last week, but not this week? What happened?
A. We may have misunderstood that you were going to be there for more than one week. As many of our clients constantly travel, unless you specifically state that you want your mail “for the next two weeks” or “weekly until notified” we assume that we are to send your mail “One Time Only”. We would rather hold your mail here, than send it to where you are no longer at! Each time that we forward your mail, your address label will state what we think your instructions are. If, after receiving your mail, you see that we think “One Time Only” and you plan to be there for a month, just call us, and we will make the necessary changes.
Q. We did not receive our mail this week, and we are leaving tomorrow! What should we do?
A. First, call us, to make sure that we sent it! We may have assumed that you were traveling this week. If we sent it, talk with your local postmaster. When he/she does receive it, he can forward it on to your next destination, or can return it promptly to us. Although the USPS does a great job delivering mail on time, we always recommend that you allow five days for delivery.


Q. Why do we sometimes receive Priority Mail, and other times only “First Class”?
A. Mail Forwarding Services sends mail by the most economical means. Mail parcels under thirteen ounces are metered by weight. All mail parcels thirteen ounces and over cost the same whether they go First Class or Priority! If you would always like your mail to be delivered Priority, just give us a call.


Q. We are committed to travel full time, as soon as our escrow closes. What should we do?
A. Fill out the “Application for Mail Delivery” and send it to us with a note attached that you will not need our services until the pending sale closes. Your subscription will not begin until you notify us, but in the interim, you will receive our “Welcome Letter”, giving you the necessary new addresses. That way, you can start filling out all of those change of address cards for your correspondents! This can save you one more of those “last minute” details that need to be taken care of!


Q. Do you accept credit cards?
A. Yes, but please keep in mind that there are fees that may be applicable.